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    The making of Castorama HR portal layouts

    Overview• Process

    Each Castorama store creates 160 direct jobs and 300 more support jobs. To speak about all these positions, benefits of working at the company as well as education and development of employees, the client needs a separate website.

    Receiving documentation from the client.

    Looking at other HR websites. In most cases, employee comments boil down to personal success stories which give almost no information about the real work.

    castorama hr process 01

    Coming up with the structure of the future portal.

    castorama hr process 02

    Moving on to the concept. Usually, changing jobs means a lot of stress for the job seeker. It would be nice to have someone working at the company who could answer all questions about real responsibilities and difficulties, the management and salary. Deciding that the website should become such a friend and provide all information about the internal workings of the company.

    Sketching the first screen where employees talk about why they like to work at Castorama as cashiers, sales assistants, managers, etc.—right now and not after a promotion or seven years later.

    Suggesting another design.

    Art director: OK.

    Continuing. Typesetting the main page which concisely presents the most important information about the portal’s pages.

    castorama hr process 03

    Getting the client’s approval and continuing to work on other pages.

    Openings is one of the most important sections. Deciding that description of each position will be accompanied by a brief and truthful explanation of what the candidate will find at their new workplace. It is important to do that in an exciting way and when possible explain which skills the person will develop by doing this job.

    castorama hr process 04

    Usually, a detailed job description looks like a dry list of candidate requirements. Deciding to assemble a collage of items for each position that would represent the activity and make the job appear less foreign.

    Making sure not to use such items as cash machines, scanners, etc. Only the pleasant attributes of work that people will care about.

    castorama hr process 05

    Castorama has a variety of departments which require people of specific skills. Deciding to introduce icons for each department to group them in the list of current openings.

    castorama hr process 06

    Icons for HR, Merchandising, For Students and Finances sections appear to be unclear.

    Suggesting other designs.

    castorama hr process 07

    HR is still no good. Trying again.

    castorama hr process 08

    The handshake works. Checking everything in real-life sizes and moving on.

    castorama hr process 09

    Finishing the remaining pages. Adding comments and opinions of real employees on each page: what they think about their responsibilities, what is their typical workday, what they took out of their internship and how they see the company as a whole.

    castorama hr process 10

    The website will feature a lot of photographs of real employees and the work process, which will require a massive photo shoot. Preparing detailed instructions for taking photographs for each block.

    castorama hr process 11

    Apart from photographs, we need truthful reviews from people working in stores in different cities. They should simply talk about their job as if they are discussing it with their friends, not purposefully trying to praise the company. Creating a list of questions and guidelines for interviewers as well as recommendations for writing texts for Openings and Professions sections.

    castorama hr process 12

    After all the layouts are approved, handing over the sources to the developers. Receiving the assembled website and overseeing the project remotely, noting bugs and pointing out required modifications.

    castorama hr process 13