Bank of Russia 160th anniversary website

Task: to design an educational website to celebrate the anniversary of the Central Bank.

In 2020 the Bank of Russia celebrates its 160th anniversary. To celebrate it, exhibitions are held in different cities of Russia presenting interesting facts about money. For those who want to know everything about money without leaving the house, an informative website was created at the studio.

Interesting facts

Opening the website, visitors see a random card with a money-related fact. There are many cards and it’s easy to switch to the next one to read more interesting trivia.

The facts are accompanied by illustrations: historical photographs of coins, banknotes, securities and important personalities.

160 facts at a glance

All 160 facts fit compactly on a single page as small cards. The card gallery looks impressive and the illustrations are fascinating to explore.

Each card can be expanded: the large version contains a more detailed description, a large illustration and an audio recording. It can also be shared on social networks.


The money facts include those that require certain knowledge in the subject area. Some of the cards contain quizzes that allow you to test yourself and learn something new.

Made in 85 days
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