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    [This work is in the museum]

    Task: to develop website templates for a company dealing in electronics.

    Chip & Dip is a Russian trade company offering a wide range of measuring instruments, electronic components, tools, as well as home and office products. A warehouse website was created for the company where all products are neatly categorized by their function, mode of operation, manufacturing technology, country of origin and other important parameters.

    chipdip main
    The footer of the main page has a couple of simple games

    The product catalog has been reorganized from scratch. Exploring the range of products is now easier than ever.

    chipdip catalog
    Total order in space

    Each device has a detailed description and can be viewed from multiple angles.

    chipdip card
    Oscillometer product page

    The instructional video section provides guides on assembling simple devices.

    chipdip video
    An issue for car enthusiasts

    Release date: January 21 2013


    art director
    secret adviser
    technical designers
    interface designer
    project managers

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