The making of the Chip & Dip website templates

Overview   Process  

Starting to work on the catalog.

chipdip process 01
chipdip process 02

The art director asks the designer to find associations for the phrase “a whole bunch.”

chipdip process 04

Choosing the one with the stars, the infinity, the future and high technologies.

chipdip process 05

None the less, the art director is not satisfied.

The second attempt. We created a concept of a warehouse city built with product boxes. The footer is used for various fun inserts.

chipdip process 06
chipdip process 07

The client accepts the warehouse concept but asks for more specifics. We start to get the pages into shape.

chipdip process 08
chipdip process 09

Nope, wrong. Changing the style. Listening to the client’s request and leaving the boxes white.

chipdip process 10

What if we use the sky? Inserting an advertising blimp.

chipdip process 11

The client likes the idea, though the blimp has an olden time feel to it. We need something modern and technological. How about a flying saucer? As in, Chip & Dip is so cool even aliens come to shop. The UFO will hang above the city abducting products.

Art director: Okay.

chipdip process 12

The client approves the design. Meanwhile, planning is well underway.

chipdip process 13

Getting an idea of using several product carts, but the idea is cut down by the art director who says that “no one will ever use this crap.”

chipdip process 14

Trying to decide on how a user can control order fulfillment given that products can arrive at warehouse at different times. Spreading product status information over several tabs.

chipdip process 15

Starting to paint with color.

chipdip process 16

Drawing boxes, icons, graphics for games and everything else.

chipdip process 17

Typesetting, programming, arguing, debugging, typesetting again, programming again, arguing again, debugging.

Now it’s done.

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