Chizhegorsky Shokolad logo

to design a logo for a manufacturer of kits for making chocolate candies, burgers and horns.

Chocolate DIY
Is great for kids!
They don’t want tanks or dolls,
Nor shmanks, nor shmolls,
Nor chess, nor soccer—
There’s nothing exciting there.

No, what the little ones want
Is to make craft chocolate:
A mushroom here, a horn there,
A burger or a pie.
All made from chocolate
And that’s the beauty of it.

All right, so we’ll oblige
And design something beautiful:
A fairy castle or letters
Or a shmastle or shmetters.
Enjoy, kids, it’s
Chizhegorsky Shokolad.

art director

  • Artemy Lebedev


  • Aleksandr Strelkov

project manager

  • Denis Zhelezny
Made in 10 days