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The making of the CIAN logo

Overview   Process  

The customer specifies a clean, solid logo without any complex metaphors. Skipping on sketching by hand, trying to directly arrive to the required graphic concept.

cian logo process 01

Art director: Keep looking.

cian logo process 02

Art director: Still a no, keep thinking.

Back to pencil sketching. Brainstorming on paper.

cian logo process 03

Selecting some promising pieces to present to the art director.

cian logo process 04

Back to Illustrator.

cian logo process 05

Art director: We’ll stick to the house.

Polishing the house: adjusting the line thicknesses, picking the color. Ditching the bend-up tab idea and removing it altogether instead. Choosing the house shape.

cian logo process 06

Working on the text portion.

cian logo process 07

Order a design...