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    Second version of the logo and corporate identity for CIAN

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create the second version of the logo and design the corporate identity.

    The second version of the CIAN logo got simpler and more versatile, and acquired a geotag bubble.

    cian logo2
    The main logo

    cian logo2 site
    The logo with the URL

    The logo can be arranged vertically or horizontally. There is a simplified version for when the gradient can’t be printed.

    cian logo2 simple
    The horizontal version of the logo with a single-colored mark

    The corporate colors, pattern, and guidelines for using the logo are fully described in the brandbook.

    Release date: February 18 2013


    artistic director
    art director
    type designer
    project managers
    cian logo2 brandbook pattern
    The brandbook’s flyleaf with the corporate pattern
    cian logo2 brandbook colors
    Double-page spread on corporate colors
    cian logo2 city

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