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Task: to make a difficult choice easy.

CIAN is Russia’s most popular database of real estate sale and rent ads. Website design and a set of templates equally friendly to professional realtors and regular users were created at the studio.

cian main
The right options

Sets of search settings are saved in the user notebook where they can be used later. There are no limits to how many sets are saved allowing real estate agents to open as many tabs as the number of clients they work with at the moment. Additionally, tags, comments and reminders about related meetings and calls can be added to ads.

cian rent search result list
cian rent search result map
Visitors to the website can choose to see results in a list or on the map

Advanced search allows to find objects located near Metro stations, in certain districts or inside an arbitrary region drawn on the map.

cian rent extended search
The search narrows

All that’s left to make the decision is to study the chosen property in detail.

cian rent object
All-round analysis

Release date: April 09 2014


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project manager

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