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Comedy Cafe fun features

Problem: Make it fun.

Comedy Cafe’s interior has many specially designed fun features.

Red carpet path to take you from the entrance directly to the WC rooms

Restrooms welcome you with the help of the TV characters, who are famous in Russia for their so-bad-it’s-funny roles.




Here it’s okay to take the elevator if you need to use the restroom.

Release date: December 28 2009


artistic director
art director
type designer
manager & brainstormer

Some people stay in the elevators for a long time

Elevator’s red buttons form part of the signage.

The Gastarbeiter corner, forever under renovation, is where you can best appreciate kefir and cheap instant noodles, the kind of food gastarbeiters seem to prefer.

For more realism, you are even offered to wear a hardhat

Comedy Cafe is no place for stupid questions—everything is already clear.

“I’m checking out the girls”, “I’m waiting for my order”, “Bread and circuses!”

“You can put your tips you know where”

Dish randomizer. Lucky ones get triple size

Every visitor automatically becomes a very dear guest

378 more fun things we came up with include emergency escape coloring book, alcohol tester brought along with the bill, and a season ticket for the bar instead of a club membership card. In the menu you can find a TV remote option—whoever orders this has the right to flick through channels for 10 minutes driving everybody crazy. And if you ask for a celebrity visitor’s bill, you get the exact same order.

They failed to get a table at Comedy Cafe

Neon ‘Food/Fun’ sign in Russian

Some of these features can be seen in the cafe in Dmitrovskoye Shosse.


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