Center for Technical Development logo and corporate identity

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to create a logo and a corporate identity for an engineering company.

Experts of the Center for Technical Development invent, design and implement complex and useful engineering solutions for road safety, airports, energy and automotive industries. The Center also helps talented engineering students, employees of research institutes and amateur inventors bring their ideas to life. A logo and a corporate identity for the Center reflecting its openness and technological advancement were created at the studio.

ctr logo

The logo is assembled from simple geometric forms: the L-shaped blocks, like brilliant ideas and high-class specialists, are drawn to the center. From the front the logo looks like a hexagon, but in reality it is a dimensional shape that looks different from each side. The simple embodies the complex, just like in the Center’s projects.

The logo was used to create an innovative and impressive pattern.

The shapes derived by looking at the logo from different angles serve as elements of the style and find their way onto branded stationery and souvenirs.

Business cards, presentations and documents with memorable shapes openly say: we’re doing serious engineering business. The notepad ruled with the corporate pattern helps the Center’s experts and clients focus during important meetings.

ctr badge

ctr car2

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