• Graphic design
  • The making of the Center for Technical Development logo and corporate identity

    Overview• Process

    Kicking off the project.

    ctr process 01
    ctr process 02
    ctr process 03

    Choosing the designs, preparing a presentation.

    ctr process 04

    The client decides on the direction.

    ctr process 05

    But we want something softer.

    ctr process 06

    No, not what we need.

    Demonstrating other designs.

    ctr process 07

    Trying to generate some more.

    ctr process 08
    ctr process 09

    There, the last one looks promising. Showing to the client.

    ctr process 10

    Yes, this one.

    ctr process 11

    Continuing to work and creating a business card.

    ctr process 12

    Developing the first design on black background. Trying it out with a single shape and with a more complex structure. Keeping the back in mind too.

    ctr process 13

    The art director prefers the first design but asks to make the picture smaller. He also suggests to paint the plus signs blue.

    Finalizing and showing to the client. However, the client liked the previous version from the logo sketch so much that they ask us to go back to it.

    All right, going back and finalizing that design instead. Making changes to the graphics to make sure the front matches the back.

    ctr process 14

    Rendering two variants.

    ctr process 15

    The client chooses the first one. Considering printing options. The initial plan to use foil didn’t work as lines can’t be thinner than 0,5 mm for foil printing, yet we have 0,3 mm. Increasing line width would ruing the graphics.

    ctr process 16

    Choosing an alternative printing solution with metallized Pantones.

    To make sure the colors match precisely, choosing to print using a single Pantone color but with varying levels of transparency.

    ctr process 17

    Typesetting a brand book with rules for use of the logo and the elements of the style.

    ctr process 18