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    Delovye Linii corporate identity

    Overview   Process   Real life  

    Task: to modernize the logo of a freight forwarding company.

    Founded in 2011, Delovye Linii company offers truck, container, avia and railway transportation services. The studio updated the company’s logo and developed a new visual identity.

    delovye linii logo
    Safety and precision

    Release date: April 26 2012


    artistic director
    art director
    type designerк
    project manager

    The rules for using the logo and other elements of the new corporate identity are described in the guidebook.

    delovye linii guidelines logo
    Pages on additional versions of the logo

    The pattern is based on a roadmap and can be easily adapted for any surface.

    delovye linii guidelines colors
    Three brand colors

    Simply and beautifully decorated vans are soon to be spotted on the roads.

    delovye linii cars
    Vehicles are easily visible from a distance

    The corporate style elements look good on promotional gifts.

    delovye linii thermos
    A thermos bottle with a temperature indicator

    delovye linii toycar
    A toy for any age

    delovye linii pass 2
    A band with a column of trucks

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