Mock-ups of Moscow transport website for World Cup fans

Task: to design a website about transport for fans.
assembled by the client

Fans from all over the world come to see the World Cup. For an entire month these guys will be traveling between airports, hotels, stadiums, fan zones, sport bars and parks. The website created at the studio helps fans become friends with Moscow transport.

Main page

Right from the start, the main page involves users in an exciting game. The captivating background video makes it obvious that the website is about transport and soccer. The page is made of cards grouped by topic. Carefully planned navigation makes all important pages available in a single click.

The modular card system is also great because after the World Cup the website will experience minimal changes and will continue to help tourists navigate Moscow

Route finder

The smart route finder that is aware of all modes of transport will show how to get to the hotel from the airport and then to the stadium and where to go for a walk. Popular destinations including airports, stadiums and the fan zone are already marked on the map.

The map also contains important sights as everyone will surely want to see the Kremlin and the Ostankino tower


Transport schedule is tightly integrated with the route finder. It helps fans plan their trips to matches and back to the hotel, both at night and during the day.

Ground transport and bus route page


Separate pages were created for Luzhniki and Spartak stadiums, the Fan Festival on Vorobyovy Gory as well as airports and train terminals. The pages contain information about getting to the location and all important events that take place there. Each page is illustrated with a beautiful animated image.

Luzhniki stadium

Olé, Moscow!


content manager

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Evgenia Vdovichenko for her help with the project
Made in 109 days
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