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    Moscow Transport booklets stand

    • Overview

    Task: to create a beautiful and inexpensive booklet stand.

    Release date: November 25 2015

    Moscow Transport booklets are a source of information about city transportation that is equally useful both to residents and tourists. The booklets are distributed free of charge at railway terminals, airports, bus stations, etc. A convenient stand for the booklets was created at the studio in cooperation with MosgotransNIIproekt by the request of the Department of Transportation and Development of Road Infrastructure and the Moscow Metro.

    stand bg
    Timely help in navigating the city

    The stand is made of two independent parts and can be placed on floors or attached to walls using the mount at the top. The stand is very stable and can be easily relocated.

    wall dep
    stand part stand part 2
    Freestanding and wall-mounted

    The top part of the stand and booklet pockets are made of a single sheet of transparent plastic which reduces the number of joints and connections. Transparent shelves make the stand visually lighter, do not obscure the booklets and draw attention to them. The bottom part is made of a composite aluminum sandwich panel. All technologies used in the production are widely available and do not require installing additional equipment or changing manufacturing processes.

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