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Series of booklets for Moscow walking enthusiasts

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Task: to create a series of booklets for the lovers of walking.

The booklets suggest exciting routes to people who prefer to move around the city without the help of four-wheeled transportation, spend time outside and learn interesting facts about their surroundings.

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For different types of recreation

Each booklet contains maps with brief information on route checkpoints. The paths are designed to go through as many fascinating attractions as possible to get the most fun.

Release date: October 30 2014


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art director
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From MosgotransNIIproekt::

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The studio wishes to thank Moscow Department of Transportation and Development of Road Infrastructure employees Elena Dzheglav and Alena Yeremina for their help with the project
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Booklets are ring-bound which allows to take along only the ones you need

The provided reference information is relevant for the selected method of travel.

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Cyclists can read about renting a bicycle or use the map to find the nearest parking station.
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transport guide booklet rollers
transport guide booklet walk
City parks and parks with running tracks   Rollerblading routes    First part of walking routes
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