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    Working on the first topic: “Moscow Tranport—The Story of Love.” We get the idea to use transport-related words and phrases that can be a start of a relationship. The popular ones that are used everywhere.

    Drawing them.

    Now the topic “Road Culture on Moscow Roads.” People often act rude behind the wheels: they bully others, act stupid, etc. all because they can’t see each other’s faces.

    Normally, pedestrians are much more polite in similar situations. We can show some of these archetypes on a poster.

    Great idea, let’s put it to work.

    “Children and the road: safety issues.” The main problem here is that children see the road as playground and don’t understand its dangers. Parents often don’t care to explain the difference either. We think of creating a toy set with a damaged car and a child in blood. The idea here is to prompt parents to explain their children that they shouldn’t play on the road.

    To avoid drawing the cars from scratch we buy a few toy cars and take photographs.

    Drawing the child, the traffic lights and adding blood. Done.

    Sending all the posters to the Department of Transport.

    Two of the posters make it to the shortlist. Next starts the process of coordination of ad placement. It turns out that instead of A3 posters the images will be used for wrap ads on public transportation. Starting to adapt the idea for the new medium.

    Sending the result to the Department for approval. One of the ideas fails to get the green light.

    As for the remaining one, it will require yet more adjustment. It turns out, there are safety regulations and special requirements for social advertising, which means not every spot on a bus or a trolleybus can be covered with an ad.

    Starting to search for a compromise that would satisfy all the requirements and look nice at the same time.

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