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    to create a logo and develop a corporate identity for an organizer of car racing projects.

    Dragtimes organizes automotive events, tunes cars and covers the most important motorsports events on its website. A logo and a corporate identity for the company was created at the studio.

    dragtimes logo full
    dragtimes logo mono

    Primary and monochrome versions of the logo

    The logo combines letters D and T creating a combination whose rough dynamics hints at wings, flames and a metal shield. The logo looks equally well printed on paper or as a plate made of durable and heavy materials.

    dragtimes docs
    Corporate documentation

    Stickers with slogans created at the studio

    Volumetric text was created to solve a variety of design tasks.

    dragtimes lettering

    Corporate pattern combines names of supercar brands

    The logo and other elements of the corporate identity will be placed on various surfaces, from cars and helicopters to tabletop flags and vinyl stickers

    Company employees and members of the organizing team stand out thanks to branded clothing

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Sergey Kulinkovich


    • Andrey Maykov
    • Igor Gorelyshev
    • Tatyana Devaeva

    technical designers

    • Alena Sofina
    • Aleksey Martynov


    • Vladimir Goncharuk

    type designer

    • Ksenia Erulevich

    project managers

    • Grigory Sharov
    • Petr Morugin
    • Yulya Nikolaeva