Dvizhenie real estate forum identity

Dvizhenie real estate forum identity


to create a memorable image for an event.

Dvizhenie forum is the main business event for real estate developers from CIS countries which takes place in Sochi every year. It creates a strong industry community where the participants exchange their experiences and solve common problems with the help of banks and government agencies. A dynamic identity was created for the fourth forum.
dvizh street
dvizh stage speaker

The logo

Since any forum is primarily about communication, the logo is reminiscent of a speech bubble. It also features buildings, the Caucasus Mountains and the first letter of the forum name.
dvizh icons

dvizh bag cards
dvizh shirt

The signature element

The simple shape of the logo is the key element of all promotional materials. The characteristic contour perfectly fits into any format, serves as a background for photos or a recognizable symbol in videos.
dvizh banner 01
dvizh banner 02

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type designer

Made in 58 days
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