• Graphic design
  • The making of Educo toy store chain logo

    Overview   Process  

    The client gives us the task: to update the current logo or come up with a new one.

    educo process 00

    Starting to think about the wonderful world of children’s toys.

    educo process 01

    Maybe, an adventure maze?

    educo process 02

    Nope. We ultimately decide to improve the Vitruvian child idea. Getting back to the source and looking at how artists depict children.

    educo process 03

    Establishing proportions.

    educo process 04


    educo process 05

    Art director: No, we need more joy, more childish fun.

    Designer: How about this?

    educo process 06

    Art director: Give me a Mona Lisa and a Discobolus, too.

    educo process 07

    Fine-tuning the type, trying to imagine how the logo will look on a storefront. Showing to the client.

    educo process 08
    educo process 09
    educo process 10

    The client does not like the demonic look of the kid and the flame hairstyle.

    Drawing a different set of eyes and taking him to a barber shop.

    Choosing the colors.

    educo process 12

    It would be cool to use a pattern of Da Vinci’s inventions as a background.

    educo process 13
    educo process 14

    Presenting to the client.

    Well, it’s a miss. The client asks us to look for a compromise between anatomically-correct and cartoonish.

    In designer's head, the compromise looks like this:

    educo process 15

    Next we need to finalize the outline of the character and change the colors so it wouldn’t seem that one kid is hiding behind another and waving his arms.

    educo process 16

    Showing an interim design to the artistic director.

    educo process 17

    Artistic director: Somehow it doesn’t seem to work. The fingers are too detailed, but it just doesn’t look cool.

    Redrawing from scratch.

    educo process 18

    A bit more styling.

    educo process 19


    Art director: OK.

    Artistic director: OK.

    Preparing a presentation and showing to the client.

    educo process 20

    The client is happy.

    The designer makes final touches to the outline, while the type designer draws small caps.

    educo process 21
    educo process 22

    Making small adjustments and typesetting the guide.

    Considering the ways to use the pattern.

    educo process 23

    Order a design...