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    to develop a website for an investment company.

    Elbrus Capital invests in Russia’s largest companies in a variety of industries: internet, logistics, healthcare, FMCG and outsourcing.

    A striking one-page website inspired by the company’s style was designed at the studio.

    All of the website’s elements support the company’s style and image. A large red triangle (the company’s logo) can be seen on each page, while each section is illustrated with a video cover introducing life at the company.

    One of the covers features the beautiful Moscow City building (the location of the company’s office), others are videos of business negotiations, shots of the office and window views. All videos were custom filmed for the website by our operators and drone cameras.

    About private equity funds

    Reference information is illustrated with clear infographics

    Private Equity Fund
    Limited Partners (Investors)
    Fund Manager
    Investment C
    Investment B
    Investment A

    Each employee has his or her own mini page with a brief biography, a photo and a list of achievements. All photographs were taken by studio photographers in the company’s office.

    Investment analysts

    The company invests in the largest projects, which means that each deal is an important and one of a kind event on the financial market, so the news section on the website gets rarely updated. This is why the news feed is designed in the form of a timeline of the company’s history.

    All investment projects are brought together in a compact grid and open up in pop ups.

    The website is equally pleasant to use on all devices.

    elbcp phone

    art director


    photographer and camera operator

    project manager

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