• Websites
  • The making of the Elbrus Capital website

    Overview• Process

    Going over the client’s preferences: we need to create a single-page website using the existing corporate identity and views of Moscow City. Starting the search for the design.

    Choosing the direction featuring the logo in the company’s environment. Assembling a page, creating a mini presentation describing the effects used and preparing a video.

    The client likes everything except for the logo suspended in zero gravity. Coming up with a different loading animation and starting to work on the final version.

    Choosing the right angles and images for section covers.

    Visiting the client’s office to conduct a photo shoot.

    The client’s office is in Moscow City. Suggesting to make one of the videos a beautiful flyby between the two towers. Preparing the studio drone and conducting a test flight.

    Realizing that flying between the towers with a big and heavy drone is not completely safe, deciding to rent a more compact model instead.

    Shooting the video.

    We want the employee portraits and section covers to have a more cinema-like look including warmer colors, glare and flowing light. Finding reference images and showing them to the photographer.

    Receiving retouched photos and videos.

    Inserting the logo into the video covers.

    Meanwhile the technologist is busy typesetting pages and setting up animations.

    While the typesetting is under way, we finalize all the small things: creating error pages, thinking of ways to visualize the private equity section, adding the Founders section.

    Creating the Russian version of the website making sure the layout remains intact.

    Testing, fixing bugs, launching.