Making of illustrations for the Parallel website. Part Four

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Main page

The project brief says I can introduce some shocking and even erotic elements, as long as the website retains a businesslike enough look. Sounds all right, so I decide the main page is going to feature a naked girl. I’m looking for a pose not too vulgar. I use the dummy we have at the Studio for experiments.

Narrated by Valentin Loschinin

Imagine a girl driving a convertible, with wind blown hair. No problem choosing the viewpoint—all the risqué body parts are covered.

I use this framework to make a draft out of bits and pieces.

And here comes the specialty—her internals. It turns out that this natural on the outside girl is actually built of car parts and her veins are wires matching the fuel color code.

And here comes the shooting session:

And that’s Her after retouching:

Only the internals to go—I make her lungs an air bag, her stomach a gas tank, and her brain a battery.

Here’s the final result:

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