Pixel building for Medicina website

Part 1. Tour
OAO Medicina is the only large clinic in the center of Moscow where you can listen to the harpist playing in the lobby.

In order to satisfy the client and find pleasure in the work we decided to make a pixel building with patients walking its hallways for the main page of the site. Drawing some abstract building would be pointless, and besides the clinic itself is not far from our studio. Me and the manager arranged for a tour, grabbed a digital cam and went to Medicina.

The moment I entered the building, I knew how wrong I was all about private clinics. There I saw people in black suits seating on leather couches reading newspapers, big plasma TVs, beautiful ceilings, VIP departments and so on. But most of all I was struck by seeing a girl playing the harp in the lobby. It was a surprising and absolutely wonderful sight.

Narrated by Anton Gerasimenko

No three headed dogs seemed to be around, so we put ourselves in the hands of our guide and continued.

An hour later we had 70 photographs and a sheet of paper with all the essential details of building spaces written down.

And from one of the upper floor windows we saw an amazing view—there was a wall with children paintings:

We got all we needed, had some ice-cream and returned to the studio.

Part 2. The most interesting
Somewhat ten years ago, when computers were small and used big diskettes, I was very fond of one program that allowed using little color squares to make up images. So I developed a liking for pixel graphics very early in my life. I ditched it back then, though, and took to football instead. During my eighth year in school I had Computer class and I was lucky enough to come across that very same program—the computers at school were just as old. But Roma’s miniatures were the best inspiration beyond all means, and the fondness of pixel art from my school years came back to me for good. And then I came to the studio.

So, to start with, we draw the building itself and divide it into floors:

On the seventh and the eighth floors there are offices and no medical rooms.

And here are a few ideas of how pixel people could look:

It’s time to start designing. Lets keep in mind that we will have animated characters walking the floors and the walls will sometimes disappear to reveal what is inside the rooms. That is why we don’t want too many details in the hallway interiors. We consult our notes made during the tour to picture each of the floors more or less adequately.

Part 3. The most most interesting
The most most interesting part is where I had to stop because I had a more urgent project to finish. So the animation, as well as drawing people, was done by Oleg T, who has my true respect for all times :-)

Here is the result:

One more thing
And another idea that has to do with icons—about reflections.

Order a design...