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    The making of the Yandex.Kit promo website

    Overview   Process  

    Looking for metaphors. Thinking about whales and the Wonder Fish. Trying to use ocean and whale motifs.

    Nope, doesn’t feel right. Thinking about what Kit could look like on the phone. Life goes on, phones replace each other, but Kit inside remains the same. Meaning, the phone itself is not important at all. A metaphor of a hand and a phone interface without the phone itself is born.

    Designing the website as a set of slides with each slide depicting a real-life situation and how Kit helps to deal with it. Life changes, a wedding ring appears, a sun tan, a new tattoo, but Kit remains the same. Kit finally materializes on the final slide where the user is offered to pick a phone model.

    Creating a smooth animation of how the hand changes and interacts with the interface.

    Successfully presenting the concept.

    Adding more emotions. Trying to describe a simple life situation.

    Adding more of the corporate style.

    Approving the concept with the client and introducing some minor tweaks.

    Making photographs of hands.

    The client changes the product features and asks to remove the corporate stripes. We decide to drop the coherent story idea and instead show how the product is used in different life situations. Making the website cleaner, distributing feature sets by screens, drawing illustrations for each feature.

    Retouching the hands, drawing technical graphics, fine-tuning all the small things.

    Sending the mock-ups for typesetting. The technologists typeset while we submit a bug report.

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