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  • Corporate identity and packaging for Exotic People products

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    Task: to develop a corporate identity and packaging for fruit, vegetables, salads and juices.

    Fabula group of companies uses Exotic People brand to sell fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and berries from around the world. One of the main priorities of the company is to preserve the beneficial properties and taste of products, that’s why fruits and herbs are packed in convenient and environmentally friendly packaging, and juices are manufactured using direct extraction. Corporate identity and packaging design for Exotic People were developed at the studio.

    At the core of the logo is a stamp which acts as a quality seal

    The corporate identity of Exotic People is based on expressive graphic elements in the form of abstract shapes and recognizable silhouettes of fruits and vegetables. Different packaging mock-ups were created for each type of products, all of them decorated with colorful illustrations and interesting information about fruits and juices. Rules for using the logo, corporate elements, colors and typefaces, as well as guidelines for typesetting the text on packaging are given in a brand book which comes with ready-made mock-ups.

    Release date: April 03 2014


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Evgeny Zorin
    Natasha Bayduzha
    type designer
    Ksenia Erulevich
    David Minasyan
    Anna Golovina
    Tatyana Devaeva
    Anna Potapkina
    project manager
    Natalya Moskaleva
    exotic people lime
    Tray with limes is placed into a plastic sleeve

    exotic people four packs
    Transparent packaging is decorated with bold stickers with information on the contents and the producer

    exotic people latuce
    Lettuce is sold in pots with plastic wrapping

    exotic people voblers
    Information about the taste and benefits of salads is given on wobblers

    exotic people juices
    Juices are sold in bottles

    exotic people corn and radish
    Sweet corn comes in vacuum packaging, while radish is sold in plastic bags

    exotic people mandarins
    Tangerines come in sturdy cardboard boxes and cherry tomatoes—in transparent shakers with the corporate pattern

    exotic people shirts
    Fruit and vegetable portraits on t-shirts

    exotic people girl
    Eating for beauty

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