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to create a logo for a furniture factory.

Fabrikant is one of the largest and well-known furniture manufacturers in Russia. Stools made by the company can be seen in all Burger King locations in Russia while company-produced chairs are used by Sberbank. From metal tubes to upholstery, all parts are locally made by Fabrikant. To mark the twentieth anniversary of the company, a new respectable logo reflecting its position on the market was created at the studio.

fabrikant logo

The logo combines a lion, Fabrikant’s traditional symbol, with a silhouette of a chair and the letter Ф, the first letter of the company’s Russian name. A special compact version of the logo was created for placement on smaller media.

fabrikant logo horizontal

fabrikant label

Rules for the use of all variants of the logo, corporate colors and typefaces are given in the style guide.

fabrikant guideline1
fabrikant guideline2

fabrikant set

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