to introduce a major furniture manufacture.
assembled and populated by the client

Fabrikant is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Russia. A new website presenting all of the company’s products was developed at the studio. The website is most often visited by wholesale buyers who choose furniture for showrooms, exhibition pavilions and conference halls. In case the required design is not available, the company accepts custom orders.

The main section of the website is the catalog where each category is represented by an interactive illustration. Hovering the mouse over the image starts cycling through all products in the group.

Users of the catalog don’t need to open a product card to have a better look at a piece of furniture. Moving the mouse over the product image will show its photos from different angles.

If a product card was already opened on the page, it’s easy to go back to the previous article by using the bookmark. For example, when reading an article about a new product, readers can take a look at its features and then continue reading without reloading the page.

The main page of the Production section shows the components making up the Bona chair. When scrolled, the picture turns into an explosion diagram with links to relevant production stages.

fabrikant site chair scheme mobile
fabrikant site bang scheme

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