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Logo and visual identity for Modny Sezon shopping arcade

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Task: to design a logo and visual identity for a fancy shopping arcade.

Modny Sezon is a shopping arcade located in the heart of Moscow and offering a wide range of fashion brands, events and entertainment. The studio designed the logo and print ads layout.

fashion season logo ru
In the calligraphic logo the focus is on the rhyming letters “д” and “С”

In print ads the dynamic typography complements the delicate logo and bright abstract images that change according to season or theme.

Release date: October 07 2013


artistic director
art director
type designer
project manager
fashion season summer

Modny Sezon visual identity is flexible and adaptable while remaining eye-catching and recognizable.

fashion season autumn

fashion season st valentine
Variation on a seasonal theme

fashion season ad
Print ad in a magazine

fashion season bag
Example of a shopping bag design

fashion season 2014 v2

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