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The making of the logo and visual identity for Modny Sezon shopping arcade

Overview   Process   Real Life  

Drawing out first sketches.

modny sezon process 0
modny sezon process 01

Doesn’t feel right. Deciding the best for the task would be an image that expresses the ideas of fashion, style, seasons and trends. We want to play up the name and create the style that would be “on trend.” Art director suggests seeking inspiration in the works of Juan Miró.

modny sezon process 02

Studying the artist’s works. They really are exceptionally beautiful, but also trendy. Trying this approach. Suddenly coming up with something original but also in the manner of Miró! We were so in love with that concept that decided not to reveal it here. We’ll leave it for the future.

fashion season process 03
Concept № 1 for Modny Sezon shopping arcade visual identity.

Ok. Little pot, cook. Looking for something new. Why not turning to another approach—a more classical one? For instance, let’s try calligraphy.

modny sezon process 03
modny sezon process 5

Not bad. Can live with it. Let’s go on.

modny sezon process 6
modny sezon process 7
modny sezon process 8
modny sezon process 9
modny sezon process 10

Got it! The last one is nice. At the same time thinking on the logo to complete the overall style. It has to be something delicate to go well with the flowers. Maybe something like this?

modny sezon process 12

The first one. Trying it out and at the same time working on the presentation.

modny sezon process 13

Putting together presentations for the other versions as well.

modny sezon process 11

Presenting. The client takes a long pause to think. Later on it turns out that the client sees the overall style differently. It needs more gloss, chic, luxury, splendor and other signature attributes of Moscow city center. We could incorporate them into the flowery concept, but only if we change the logo to something more respectable.

Cmnd+N, starting over again. Drawing sketches inspired by glossy magazines, runway shows and current trends.

modny sezon process 14
modny sezon process 15
modny sezon process 16

They all look good, but we decide to continue with flower collages and colorful splashes. At the same time we turn to the type designer to develop a calligraphic logo. She comes up with a fresh and vibrant calligraphy. The client wants the logo to be calligraphic and “vivid.”

modny sezon process ksenia 00

Putting it into the flower collage template.

modny sezon process 18

Drawing a logo for the “engraved” flowers version.

modny sezon process 3

Although it looks good with splashes as well.

modny sezon process 17

This is something to think about. Maybe we should make another calligraphy? Coming up with an elegant and sharp design.

modny sezon process ksenia 01

Presenting all variants to the client.

modny sezon process 19

All designs are flatly rejected except for the calligraphic one. But the second version also doesn’t feel right. Eventually the client decides on the collage concept. But we need to work on the calligraphy. And the overall style needs testing on an ad template—for example, an ad for the food festival that’s going to take place in the arcade. And it also would be good to test the splashes concept. We need to compare and think.

modny sezon process 20
modny sezon process 21
modny sezon process 22
modny sezon process 23

The flexibility of the styles impresses the client, but he decides to opt for the collage concept. Working on the calligraphy. Trying different variants. For instance, a more expressive paintbrush one.

modny sezon process ksenia 02

Nope. We have to continue the search.

modny sezon process ksenia 03

Definitely not it. Art director sends us his sketches.

modny sezon process ksenia 04

We decide to choose the bottom one and work it out, but the search isn’t over. Let’s roll.

modny sezon process ksenia 05

Art director chooses three variants. Trying them on a sample ad layout. The client chooses the third one.

modny sezon process ksenia 06

Drawing, modifying. Now we need another ad layout—for the grand opening. We decide to continue with the flower theme and play with different meanings. Drawing a parallel with blooming flowers.

modny sezon process magazine 1

Nope. The client thinks it looks like a flower shop. Ok, then we’ll replace flowers with clothes—fabric, jewelry...

modny sezon process magazine 2

The inscription seems too small and illegible.

modny sezon process magazine 3

Finally, everything clicks. The word “мода” (fashion) is unveiled—ta-da!—a triumphant, long-awaited opening of the new fashion season arrives. Meanwhile, designing another layout.

modny sezon process magazine 5

Art director: Cool, but for the next time.

Going back to the first variant. The client wants the print ad to have a background. Making sketches.

modny sezon process magazine 4

Suddenly, we’re made aware that the magazine issue with the ad goes to print midday tomorrow. Urgently doing the photo shoot.

modny sezon process magazine 6
modny sezon process magazine 7

Finishing the midnight layout.

modny sezon process magazine 8

Greeting the new season.

Order a design...