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    2016–2017 2017–2018

    The making of the FC Krasnodar 2017–2018 match and season tickets

    Overview• Process

    Typesetting the season tickets. Putting the new coat of arms on the front side and changing the layout on the back.

    Reworking the layout of the match ticket.

    The illustrator draws patterns.

    Placing them on match and season tickets.

    Deciding to make the packaging for season tickets the size of a match ticket.

    The pattern doesn’t work, drawing a new one.

    And again.

    And again.

    And again.

    The client does not accept the result. Making another attempt.

    Exploring the layout of the souvenir box.

    The designer suggests a new approach.

    Putting everything together.

    Preparing the files for printing. Printing using two colors, metallic Pantone and black.

    Creating a mock-up of the box.

    Making final changes, handing the files over to the client.