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[This work is in the museum]

Problem. Create a website for a hotel.

Felix Zawojski Hotel sits in the very heart of Karlovy Vary. The building was constructed in the early 1990s for Felix Zawojski, a famous fashion designer of the time. It has been restored and turned into a high class hotel.

Although well-equipped, the house breathes history

Visitors to Karlovy Vary are welcome to stay and enjoy classic interiors and spa procedures at the famous hot springs.

The hotel overlooks the Tepla River. Our designer let it have a fleet of extraordinary vessels, with a touch of history

The rooms, the interiors and the furniture will fascinate visitors to the site and the hotel.

Enter the room and turn on the ligths

Many of the hotel room accessories are exquisite handmade pieces. We highlight their beauty.

Everything should be splendid in a hotel like this, even the door knobs

And should visitors wish to go for a stroll, they have a map at hand showing all the nearby sights of interest.

Karlovy Vary has a lot to see

The site map is more than a technical section—it features illustrations and brief pieces of text.

The entire website on a single page

Release date: August 26 2009


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