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    Making of the Felix Zawojski website

    Overview   Process   Clone   Awards  

    First section view draft.

    Creating the site map to be able to design fine navigation.

    Rough section cuts for showing the room interiors.

    Reproducing the third section view, using the first two.

    Straightening photographs received from the hotel.

    Early drafts of the basic pages.

    Draft render of the facade for the front page.

    Finishing drafts for inner pages.

    Finalizing the facade image, and the nieghboring buildings.

    All the drafts ready for a presentation of the concept.

    Preparing text pages and working on the gallery.

    Thinking of ways to  display news and events.

    Dressing the walls with photos.

    Creating hover effects.

    Finding the way to show the photographs on the plan.

    Constructing the suites pages.

    Comparing the facade renders and the actual images.

    Trying out different ideas for the front page.

    Hanging the flags.

    Finishing the facades.

    Making renders of&nbps;the floors.

    Marking hovers for the suites.

    Designing pictograms for panoramic views and interior photos.

    Adding text to the plans.

    Evolution of the hotel’s history page.

    Evolution of the contact info and the sightseer’s map pages.

    Preparing images for the gallery.

    Marking up the first shots of the panoramic movies and saving the settings.

    Cutting videos for the panoramas.

    Hovers for all the pages.

    Evolution of the room reservation page.

    Creating printable version.

    Designing a fleet for the rear facade.

    Photographing properly dressed characters to walk past the facade..

    Making a bathroom surpise.

    Creating a mobile-friendly version.

    Order a design...