Final Price logo

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to create a logo for a tourist service.

Final Price is a members-only internet club for frequent travelers offering best prices for tickets, hotels, cruises and car rentals. A firm logo for the service was created at the studio.

final price logo

Primary version

The fundamental and seemingly static logo can be easily transformed. The square dot adds stability and confidence to the sign.

final price buklet new

The search is over

When folded, the booklet shows the abbreviated version of the logo. The expressive contrasting colors express the excitement of the trips. Rules for the use of the logo and design of corporate stationery are given in the guide.

final price guide color

Opening on colors

final price guide bg

Opening on backgrounds

final price guide gradient


final price guide app

Mobile app and website

Combined with the spectacular corporate color scheme, the solid logo makes the company image modern and memorable.

art director


type designer

project manager