• Graphic design
  • The making of the Finme logo

    Overview• Process

    Looking at the company’s competitors in Russia and Europe.

    finme process 1

    Creating associations.

    finme process 2

    Since the service doesn’t have a name yet, coming up with our own. For example, Funduk: a fund, a nut, sounds good.

    finme process 3

    Credits that go through an eye of a needle. Wordplay: need—needle.

    finme process 4

    And some more.

    finme process 5

    Selecting a short list of names and sketches for the client. Trying availability of domains in mind.

    finme process 6

    The bird with the coin is everyone’s favorite. The names didn’t work. The client said that instead of a single domain, domains in .com, .ru, .ua, .pl and .ro zones should be available, or better yet, in all possible zones. To purchase domains in all zones, we need to come up with a new word. 4–6 letters long (yeah, right).

    Generating ideas and talking to the client.

    finme process 7_1
    finme process 7_2
    finme process 8
    finme process 9
    finme process 10

    Ultimately, the client comes up with the name, Finme. Working with it.

    finme process 11
    finme process 12
    finme process 13

    What if the Fin part is attracted to the pronoun Me? Like a magnet or a rubber band.

    Sketching a couple more options featuring the link.

    finme process 15

    The bird with the coin could work well here, too.

    finme process 16

    The dynamic ligature-based design is universally approved. Drawing letters, choosing a color scheme, sketching business cards.

    finme process 17

    During the typesetting the client asks to add a Cyrillic version and a version with a descriptive caption.

    finme process 18