Fomin Botanical Garden logo

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to create a logo for a botanical garden in Kiev.

Founded in 1839, Kiev’s oldest botanical garden is located near the Kiev National University. Its collections contain more than ten thousand species of plants and the new logo created at the studio emphasizes this variety.

Primary version of the logo

The symbol reflects the garden’s natural features and landscape

The logo’s modular design allows to change it depending on the medium, surrounding space, season or for no reason at all. The number of combinations is unlimited.

Versions of the logo

The logo’s laconic shapes create a nice contrast with natural photographic textures. This combination is at the core of the design of all branded products ensuring they look elegant and stylish.

fomin tickets
—The tour is about to start!

Fragments of the logo can become independent elements and be used in the garden’s navigation.

fomin pole

The logo looks great both on entertainment facilities and in serious documents.

fomin docs
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