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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to showcase the activity of all the company branches together and individually.

    Gazprom Energo is a specialized energy subsidiary of OAO Gazprom which provides consumers a wide range of energy services including electric power transmission, production and distribution of thermal energy, water supply, sanitation, as well as creation and operation of a unified multilevel automated system of commercial energy accounting. Nine regional maps and a general map of Russia informing the company employees about the company activities, geographical coverage, number and type of facilities were created at the studio.

    Central region

    Release date: February 13 2015


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Sergey Steblina
    Aleksandr Chernov
    Anastasia Musaeva
    Olga Bazilevich
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    Nadezhda Efremova
    Viktoria Bocharova
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    project managers
    Dmitry Loginov
    Grigory Sharov
    Natalya Moskaleva
    The studio wishes to thank Sergei Kupriyanov for his help with the project

    Each map is made of three information layers that can be easily read individually. In addition to the main data, the maps contain information about the pipeline, adjacent territories, number of employees at the branch and comparative performance of the region. Populated areas are ranked not by the number of residents but rather by the degree of propagation of the company’s services. Particular attention is given to the types of activities: electricity, heat, water supply and sanitation. Information on the type and number of facilities is given for all activities.

    Icons are made of abbreviated professional terms (in Russian): ПС—substation; ЗРУ—indoor switchgear; ТП—transformer substation; ВЛ—high-voltage line; К—boiler; ВЗ—water intake; ВС—water treatment plant; КОС—sewage treatment plant.

    If there is more than one facility of a type,
    a number is added before its abbreviation
    Regional centers are marked by a star
    Flags mark main consumers
    and their locations

    The maps make information pleasant to learn and allow Gazpromo Energo employees to easily make up a complete picture of their company’s activities. At the same time, anyone can make the map better by sticking volumetric icons onto appropriate locations.

    All four activities got their own icons for the map legend.

    Power supply
    Water supply

    Branch maps are 1,5 m (5′) wide and are designed to be placed on room walls, in lobbies or in reception areas.

    North Caucasian
    South Ural

    All the branches are marked on the map of Russia which is 2,5 m (8′) wide and includes all regional centers.

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