Gindza logo and corporate identity

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Task: to create a logo and a corporate identity for a development company.

Gindza is a real estate development company that builds residential houses with small finished apartments. A logo and a corporate style for the company were developed at the studio.

gindza identity logo
A solid logo

Gindza logo is made of a logotype in a shaped frame and resembles a room outline on a floor plan.

Release date: March 17 2014


artistic director
art director
project manager
gindza identity umbrella
Roof over our heads

The key element of the corporate identity is the frame which can be easily adapted to different media formats. The frame can be light or dark and can be filled with the corporate pattern made of pictograms symbolizing comfortable and happy life. Rules for the use of the logo, the frame, the pattern and typefaces are given in the style guide.

gindza identity bb pattern
Opening on the pattern
gindza identity documents
Corporate documentation
gindza identity billboard

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