The making of the Gindza logo and corporate identity

Overview   Process  

The first idea we have is to make something constructivist, logical and simple.

Finally, an outlet for our avangardist inspiration that has been trying to come out for ages.

The slogan is born just as easily: “The first stone of your happiness.”

gindza identity process 01
gindza identity process 02

The art director asks to put this aside and fantasize some more.

All right. What if we reverse it? Emotions, joy of buying the first apartment. What can be better and easier? It’s truly a dream.

gindza identity process 03

Another designer joins in.

gindza identity process 04

Art director: Think not just about the logo, but about the whole concept of the company.

gindza identity process 05

Art director: This style is about incredible difficulty and unthinkable obstacles.

Designer: We can use pictures to tell the story of comfort, coziness and all the expected bonuses. And the logo will display the typical set of items needed for a comfortable life.

gindza identity process 06

Art director: There might be something here, but right now this logo would better suit a furniture store.

gindza identity process 07

Art director: The knitted one reads “Gindea.”

Designer: About the price: 20% lower than market price.

gindza identity process 08

Art director: Using the percents is all right, but low price is not the only thing they offer, they are also about good houses and a new approach to real estate.

Designer: Maybe, a logo made of letters where each letter is a symbol of an advantage?

gindza identity process 09

Art director: Nope, it’s too complex and doesn’t really catch the eye.

Designer: Like, buying an apartment is as simple as buying a construction kit.

gindza identity process 10

Art director: It’s a second-rate logo for a toy store.

Designer: We can adapt the floor plan to different formats and use it to tell about the low price.

gindza identity process 11

Art director: The bag and the umbrella are cool, the rest is bland.

gindza identity process 12

Art director: Looks nice. Try to increase the captions, they’re too small right now.

Presenting the three concepts.

gindza identity process 13
gindza identity process 14

The client chooses the one with enclosed space.

gindza identity process 15

Finalizing the identity and typesetting the style guide.

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