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  • The making of the GITIS website auditions page

    Overview• Process

    Getting lists of courses and mentors from the client.

    gitis process 1

    Exploring the institute’s rules for signing up for auditions. Putting together user scenarios. Correspondinb actively.

    gitis process 2
    gitis process 3

    We need to show all departments and majors and provide an opportunity to sign up for an audition with a specific mentor. What if we solve the problem head-on and start right with an application form?

    gitis process 4
    gitis process 5

    The form doesn’t reveal the scale and makes selection difficult, plus it looks absolutely boring. Trying to display a calendar with load by days instead.

    gitis process 6

    Too complicated. Deciding to keep only a list of majors and mentors on the main page.

    gitis process 7

    Simultaneously thinking over the technical part and creating a custom website administration system that will be understandable to any GITIS employee without any training.

    gitis process 8

    Writing a highly detailed manual for the system.

    gitis process 9
    gitis process 10
    gitis process 11

    Going back to the search for style.

    gitis process 12

    Trying to play with silhouettes.

    gitis process 13

    Rhyming the style with the institute’s signature colors and adding red and black to the website. Making rectangular photographs more dynamic by adding slants.

    gitis process 14

    Trying to illustrate each major with a photo.

    Finalizing the effect.

    Getting the institute’s new logo from the client. We get the idea to use logo-inspired blocks in tabs and mentor names.

    gitis process 15

    Thinking about major cards for two mentors. Fixing sign-up cards.

    gitis process 16

    Drawing favicons and deciding to go with number 10.

    gitis process 17

    Sending everything for typesetting. Making adjustments as we go and fixing errors.

    gitis process 18

    Adding a banner to the main page. The client opens the sign-up page.

    gitis process 19