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to develop a website introducing a institute’s development foundation.

Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, or GITIS for short, has its own foundation supporting students, professors, performances, educational programs and everything that is connected with the institute.

A website for the Foundation inspiring people and companies to help GITIS with money, products and services was created at the studio. The site contains information on how the money is spent and immortalizes the name of each donor.

Help from friends

Apart from monetary donations, the institute receives help in form of various goods and services. Insurance companies insure choreography students, supermarkets give free food and electronics store provide free appliances.

Each of the donor companies is mentioned on a moving colored bar in the special section.

gitis donation mainpage

Most of the institute’s students come from far regions of the country and lead a very modest life. Famous graduates help them by paying personal scholarships.

The Scholarships section contains a personal card of each sponsor with a photo, brief information and a list of scholarship fellows. The description suggests you don’t need to be an actor to take patronage over a student.

gitis donation grants

The Donate tab contains bank account information and a list of all people who gave money to the Foundation.

Philanthropists wishing to remain anonymous can uncheck the box the in the menu and make their donations in secret.

gitis donation howto

The Foundation website complements and develops the Auditions section of the GITIS website. The colors, typefaces and recognizable chopped elements remained, but became more dynamic. The bars change their shape and size while the cards of donor companies rotate in space.

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