Auditions Development Foundation

The making of the GITIS Development Foundation website

Overview• Process

Starting to look into the task. GITIS wants to tell about the foundations as well as about who helped the institute and what they got in return. Apart from taking part in the Foundation’s projects there are two more ways to help: scholarships and gifts.

Deciding to make an emphasis on stories about those who have already helped the institute. It’s a great way to show that their interest includes more than just money.

Now we have a section consisting of three blocks: Gifts and Exchange, Scholarships and How to Help. Sketching possible designs.

gitis donation process 1
gitis donation process 2

Creating bright cards for those that have already helped GITIS.

gitis donation process 3

Placing the resulting cards on a contrasting background.

gitis donation process 4

Distributing the elements slightly differently. Now the color of the background changes when the page is scrolled.

gitis donation process 5

Preparing the Scholarships page in the same style.

gitis donation process 6

Putting together a video presentation.

Making all shapes on the page with the list of bank accounts moving as well. Adding a page with a message from the rector and a list of members of the Board of Trustees.

gitis donation process 7

Adding a block with a list of all people and companies who helped the institute.

gitis donation process 8

Fixing bugs and launching the website.