Goodwalk mobile app

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Task: to create a mobile application for a social network.

Goodwalk app for iPhones, iPods and iPads makes it easy to find friends while taking a walk around the city, to mark visited places on a map and to share experiences.

At the core of the interface is a light and airy bubble, the classic metaphor for conversation. The background of the conversation shows a picture of the place where the user is at the moment
The Around screen shows avatars of nearby users
If a user left a public message, it shows next to their avatar on the map. Tapping the text allows to rate it or leave a reply
Description of each place contains its address, as well as photographs and related messages. Users can check-in, notify their friends and see who else liked this place.
The People screen only shows user avatars on the map which can be used to access user profiles of friends and other users. Profiles include user’s activity feed, as well as their pictures and check-ins.
The messages are very easy to create. They can be connected to an existing place or to a new geographic position
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Release date: May 12 2014


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