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    The making of the RyazanZernoProdukt mill facade

    Overview   Process  

    Studying received blueprints and sketching out the building model.

    mill understanding

    First drafts rejected by the customer.

    sketch 01
    sketch 02
    sketch 03
    sketch 04
    sketch 05
    sketch 06
    sketch 07

    Preparing a design in the style of finished buildings.

    Elaborating the graphics.

    Testing different color schemes.

    color layouts

    Artwork “Talezh,” “August,” and “Pastel” made the shortlist. Talezh is a geographical name.


    The client prefers “August.” Unexpectedly they ask to add their logo to the design. Trying it on the bird's eye view.

    situation logo

    Adding space around the logo.

    Order a design...