GSL corporate identity and logo redesign

Overview   Process  

GSL corporate identity guidelines (In Russian, PDF, 27 MB)

Problem: Redesign a logo.

GSL is an international company providing law, tax and corporate finance consulting services. Their original logo was a stylized coin.

Prototype, original logo and its redesigned version. The new logo has a cleaner and more ‘mature’ look

The color logos use a gradient built using the colors of the company divisions.

Logo in color

The same sign for different divisions, but in various colors

Each company division has its own corporate colors and foreign divisions inherit the corresponding national flag colors.

British division flag

There is an additional indicator for divisions—color marks to appear on the info papers for workshops, lectures and other events.

Offshores and International Law

Accounting Services and Audit in Russia

International Tax Planning

Russian Law

Papers can be livened up using decorative design patterns, too with a country-specific feel.

Versions of decorations for Cyprus and Great Britain officies

Release date: December 29 2009


artistic director
art director
technical designers
type designer

Neutral decorative designs for three different scale purposes

GSL corporate identity package also includes recognizable country theme elements.

A variety of elements for any occasion

Video presentation screenshots

Regular presentation slides

Guidelines double-page spread on the corporate gradient

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