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  • GSL
  • Making of the GSL logo and corporate identity package

    Overview   Process  

    One of the clients wishes was to have a travel theme seen in the coporate design. There is a wall in GSL office with a collection of badges and magnets from all over the world.

    Bright colors and diverse shapes came to be found in the logo gradient and additional country theme design elements.

    Drafting for the logo.

    Flag-based ideas

    Attempts to create a speedway-like design

    Back to the profile image.

    Searching for the right composition

    Got it. The author nailed the solution thanks to a figurehead, a decoration at the prow of a ship.


    Black and white versions.

    On the client’s shelf.

    First series of drafts for decorative patterns.

    Second approach.

    In color.

    Designing a leaflet cover.

    Scanty. Trying the dark background.

    Unpractical. Back to the white, with more elements.

    No, not that. Adding photographs.

    Fractional. Making it simpler.

    Too picturesque. Back to the white background.

    Final choice—a simple and clean version with a textbox.

    Moving on to videopresentations.

    Final elements brought together and described in a guidebook.

    Order a design...