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    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Prepare website templates to go with the new corporate identity.

    GSL offers a range of services for businesses, including legal advice, consulting and financial. Their website tells about all of them in detail.

    Kaleidoscope bursting with GSL corporate identity elements

    The centerpiece of each division page is a large promotional block with search field.

    12 photo frame
    02 offshores
    GSL Offshore Solutions page

    These blocks use gradient fills and graphic theme elements depending on the division.

    03 hots 1
    Colorful diversity

    If you bring the cursor over the logo, it unfolds enabling one-click access to any of the division pages.

    Eleven head are better than one

    Subsections have lists of contents, each with a dozen of attributes.

    05 list item 1
    Document details

    You can search documents by keyword, or using other criteria, such as topic, publication date, etc. You can apply as many as you need.

    06 list 1
    Thorough search

    Interface is carefully designed. Searching is now easier with components well organized.

    07 interface 1

    Bank search system, calculator and workshop tool use sophisticated filters.

    08 banksearch
    Optimal tools

    There are 19 various types of materials and as many corresponding icons.

    09 icons 1
    In 2 sizes

    English-language version is readily available.

    11 uk
    For foreign partners

    Release date: July 06 2010


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