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    Overview   Process  

    The main thing here was to organize information and make browsing articles easier. Starting with small details, arranging attributes to appear in the list of items.

    01 list items

    Fitting it onto the page.

    02 list

    Creating the search filter.

    03 filter

    A bit improved, onto the page it went.

    04 list 1

    Crafting collages for the division front pages. For London office, it would be outline map of Great Britain with geographically anchored theme elements.


    Showing it to the client.

    06 concept

    Designing the header, dumping rubbish ideas along the way.

    07 trash

    Got it.

    08 visual

    The website was to feature many video and audio materials. Designing the player.

    09 player 1

    Video could appear over the page. Selecting the skin.

    10 player

    Creating avatars for the forum.

    12 avatars

    Perfecting the search tool.


    Preparing a special file for technologists with all the graphic interface components.

    21 interface 1

    Making maps with driving and parking directions, using colors to indicate parking space availability.

    14 maps

    Evolution of the icons.


    Building fantasy creatures out of graphic theme elements.

    16 creatures

    Putting them on the front page.

    17 homepages

    The idea was rejected. The client would like something interactive. Creating the kaleidoscope.

    18 homepage

    Theme elements would appear on the one-arm bandit error pages, too.

    19 errors

    URL icons.

    20 favicons

    Project color palette.

    22 swatch

    Order a design...