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    Task: To design a line of electrical water heaters.

    Haier is a major producer of home appliances and a wide range of electronics. Two models of water heaters were designed in our studio for this company. One has a mechanical and the other an electronic control panel, for your inner geek and your inner artist respectively.

    haier front
    Models ES-U1 and ES-R1

    Release date: March 11 2011


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    These water heaters come in three capacities: 50 L (13.2 gal), 80 L (21.1 gal), and 100 L (26.4 gal).

    haier digital display
    The electronic control panel has digital indicators of the current and set temperatures so that you can fine-tune it with confident precision, for the ultimate splish-splash experience

    The heater model with the mechanical panel has a simpler design.

    haier mechanical display
    The mechanical panel interface is extremely easy to use. This dial is the best for those thinking in “warmish” and “piping hot” terms instead of “ninety-eight-point-seven-fahrenheit”

    haier top logo
    The decorative caps imitate water surface

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