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  • The making of the Hedonism corporate identity

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    Our first assignment is to read a preface from Robert Parker’s book to clarify the use of the term “hedonism.” Next, to design a logo which, among other virtues, would have a one of making a new store look good. Chichvarkin gave us a tour along wine stores in downtown London, explaining what’s wrong with them.

    Starting by drawing a lady enjoying some grapes. Exploring different settings and perspectives.

    The last one is ok. But she needs bigger tits. Bigger yet.

    No, keep searching for the woman.


    Too revealing.


    Working on the text portion.

    This’s the right direction to move

    Balancing the text to the image proportions.

    Challenging the composition.

    A vertical, matryoshka-style arrangement popped up—checking its potential.

    Meanwhile trying out a horizontal group.

    And, just to top it off, a diagonal composition.

    Horizontal matryoshka does not really rock. Diagonal option is not a straight shot either. But the exercise brought in a fresh wave idea.

    Throwing in some envelopes layouts.


    And business cards.

    Abbreviated logo.

    Print-outs revealed a necessity for a simplified version of the logo for everything except large-scale jobs. That’s how two main logos were approved: fine detailed and basic.

    Attempting to introduce new color-schemes. Painting the dress.

    “Sanding” that matryoshka some more.

    Adding new color.

    Designing store sun shades.

    Store entrance plate.

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