HORS Group promo website

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a promo website about coffee on a tight schedule.

HORS Group produces coffee under various brands. The promo website introduces two ranges: Egoiste and Bushido.

hors group main
Users navigate the website by scrolling

The website tells coffee fans about production technologies, ingredients and flavor characteristics of the blends.

hors group technology
The In-Fi technology developed by HORS Group allows to give the instant beverage the taste and flavor of natural freshly-brewed coffee

The mini catalog includes five types of coffee in each range: freeze dried and with added ground beans.

hors group egoiste
Egoiste is a strict, classic European coffee
hors group bushido
Bushido is an original coffee with Oriental notes in taste and flavor

Release date: June 02 2014


art director
designers and photographers
technical designer
beta tester
project managers

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